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We are a Corby based agency in the Northamptonshire district, here you can learn a little history about the area and where we come from! If you're in the Corby area and are looking for our service, call 0845 402 553 or visit our website.
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About Corby

S.C. Agency are located in Corby


New shopping precinct opened – Willow Place

The start of many new housing developments began (Priors Hall, Little Stanion and more)


Corby Business Academy opened


Corby Railway Station opened


Olympic-sized swimming pool opened

Corby Cube opened


Corby Enterprise Centre opened


Corby Technical School Opened


2015 and beyond lots of development started and planned.

S.C. Agency are located at the Corby Enterprise Centre in Corby.


Corby is an industrial town located in the North East of Northamptonshire. It was recorded in the 2011 census that the borough had a population of 61, 300. Figures during that time also revealed that Corby has the fastest growing population in both Northamptonshire and the whole of England.  The town was at one time known locally as “Little Scotland” due to the vast number of people that migrated here from Scotland for its steelworks.


Since 1934 Corby had grown rapidly from a small village with a population of around 1500 due to the growth of the steel and iron works. In 1939 Corby was the largest village in the country and therefore at that point was re-designated an urban district. During World War II the Corby Steelworks were expected to be a target for German Bombers, fortunately only a few bombs were dropped by solitary planes and there were no casualties.

Without the steel and ironworks Corby would not be the town that it is today. However in 1973 the government approved a strategy of consolidating steel making in five main areas in the UK, this did not include Corby. By the end of 1981 over 5000 jobs had been lost just at British Steel in Corby. Unemployment at this time hit an all time low of 30%.


By 1991 new industry started to be attracted to the town, helping to return unemployment back to the national average. New industrial estates were built, in 1994 a power station and in 2001 there was a race track – Rockingham Motor Speedway.


Corby is now a part of a major regeneration and redevelopment programme. Over the next 25 years it is expected that Corby will double in size. Since this programme began we have seen some exciting major changes within the town.