S.C. Agency | Katie's Work Experience Diary: Part 1
Student Katie tells us what she's been up to during her work experience at S.C.Agency through her diary of a week.
Work Experience, Intern, Creative, Design, Marketing, Students.
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Katie’s Work Experience Diary: Part 1

05 Oct Katie’s Work Experience Diary: Part 1

Day 1 –

On my first day, I was first of all greeted by the staff and shown around. After this, we sat down at the table and I was shown some different examples of things such as logo designs, flyers etc. Then I was introduced to a new local salon that I would be designing elements for.

To begin with, I was asked to research and design various different loyalty cards for the salon and after a few hours on Photoshop, I had produced around 7 designs. I These were then printed off to go through and discuss a few changes that could improve the cards.

Towards the end of the day, I started to work on a few different double sided A5 leaflets which I found a little challenging at first but I soon got into it and produced 2 designs.


Day 2 –

The next morning, I discussed with the designers about my leaflet designs what we liked about each one and a few changes that needed to be made such as adding a more colorful picture. We also revisited the loyalty cards and chose two designs to put forward.

I spent a further few hours designing another leaflet, also altering the original ones made on day 1. Next, after some research I began to design some business cards and ended up creating around 6 or 7 different designs. We then again discussed and edited these designs before choosing the best card design out of them all.

This led on to me combining some of the ideas from the loyalty cards and business cards to create a few more different designs of each in the same style.

I finished the day by taking a look at some web pages and creating some simple concepts on Photoshop. I had never considered web design before so it was quite interesting to look into.

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