S.C. Agency | Katie's Work Experience Diary: Part 2
Student Katie tells us what she's been up to during her work experience at S.C.Agency through her diary of a week.
Work Experience, Intern, Creative, Design, Marketing, Students.
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Katie’s Work Experience Diary: Part 2

14 Oct Katie’s Work Experience Diary: Part 2

Day 3 –

The third day was spent mostly looking into the web designs that I had created the previous day, improving them and creating new concepts after discussing them in the morning. I was constantly changing different aspects of my designs whilst also getting feedback and learning more about the layouts of other websites.

I finished the day having 3 web designs that I was quite happy with whilst also picking up on different ways to layout these web pages and gaining new knowledge about the area of web design.


Day 4 –

On day 4, the first thing that was discussed were the web designs and I was then given the task of creating the ‘about us’ page for one of the 3 designs. After about an hour of making this new page, I moved onto doing some research on different logo designs as over the final two days I was to be designing logos for a local company.

To begin with, I found the designing process quite difficult but eventually, I started to produce a lot of various logos with different colours, fonts and icons. I spent the rest of the day doing this and I was pleased with the logos that I had produced at the end of the day.


Day 5 –

Sadly, today was my last day at S.C. Agency but I have very much enjoyed working here over the past week. The day begun again by discussing the logos created the previous day and which designs were to be taken forward and developed more.

I spent the day producing even more logos and combining different icons and previous designs to finally develop a final logo. I then finished the day by creating a few different business cards incorporating the final logo.

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