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Over the last two years we have worked with CILT on completely revitalizing their brand with the SC creative flair! We are still working on a range of products with CILT even today!
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March 04, 2013

Exhibitions, Graphic Design, Print
About This Project

After relocating to Corby at the beginning of 2013, we were invited by the marketing manager of CILT to work on an independent project. She felt the current design they used had become stagnant and wanted a revitalised creative input from a local agency. The project was a success and over the last two years we have worked on a huge collection of marketing collateral for the team. The biggest project, the training directory, was a great chance to show our project management skill set alongside our creative talents. The client was able to work out of our offices when proofing the 128 page brochure which made it a much smoother process for CILT. We currently work with CILT on a range of products.



CILT is a very professional company to work with and the studio enjoys the challenge of creating a theme for each individual document.