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Export to Japan is a unique organization to work for, from designing all manner of web based plans or appealing banners and brochures, we supplied the creative needs!
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Export to Japan

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August 14, 2014

Digital, Graphic Design, Marketing, Print, Social Media, Web Design
About This Project

Export to Japan is a unique not-for-profit partnership led by UK Trade & Investment Japan based at the British Embassy Tokyo, Consulate-General Osaka, along with four strategic partners: British Airways, the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan and Business Link Japan. In June 2014 S.C.Agency were invited to tender alongside Business Link Japan for the management, marketing and delivery of the website portal with the aim of promoting the site to UK companies interested in exporting to this huge and lucrative market. The 12 month tender was awarded and the project commenced on the 1st August 2014. Business Link Japan were the lead suppliers as specialists within Japan and S.C.Agency supported with all of the creative needs that included marketing plan, e marketing campaigns, web design, web management, design of brochures, pull up banners and social media plans.



Looking forward to continuing to work on this project for our second year running