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From brochures, flyers and website design, SC Agency has seen Scotts of Thrapston through events such as the Chelsea Flower Show, with ongoing designs and business, Scotts is a pleasure to work with!
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Scotts of Thrapston

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October 01, 2011

Branding, Digital, Exhibitions, Graphic Design, Print, Web Design
About This Project

S.C. Agency have continued to work with Scotts since 2011 as their full creative agency for all marketing materials. Scotts of Thrapston is a family run business and is made up of differing sectors within their product offering. The main side of the business is the timber engineering sector, however, our agency tends to creatively support the areas of home & garden and equestrian more predominantly. We do this through brochure designs, flyer designs and website developments. We also look after the creative needs for their RHS exhibitions annually such as The Chelsea Flower Show & Hampton Court Flower Show to name two. Scotts of Thrapston in 2012 created a separate brand called Scotts Timber Engineering. We were asked to create the new branding, signage, website and flyer for the company.



Our client, Julia, is an absolute pleasure to work alongside on all of the many creative projects she puts our way.